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Bangkok, often hailed as a vibrant metropolis, also stands out as an exceptionally welcoming destination for the LGBTQ+ community. With a plethora of inclusive bars, clubs, and venues scattered throughout the city, it fosters a lively and accepting atmosphere for all. Renowned for its annual Pride celebrations and colorful events, Bangkok embraces diversity with open arms. From its bustling nightlife in Silom and Saphan Kwai to its thriving art scene and inclusive accommodations, the city radiates warmth and acceptance, making it a top choice for LGBTQ+ travelers seeking an enriching and inclusive experience.

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Get ready for special tours in this amazing city !
Meet our Gay/Lesbian Tour Guide for a private walking tour of Bangkok Gay and experience one of the most spirital cities in the world.

Bangkok • Cultural Tour

Meet our LGBT Friendly Tour Guide and be ready to visit Bangkok. Embark on an enchanting 3-hour walking cultural tour through the vibrant streets of Bangkok, where every step unveils the city's rich heritage and architectural marvels. Begin your journey at the awe-inspiring Grand Palace, adorned with intricate details and steeped in regal history. Marvel at the mesmerizing Emerald Buddha, a symbol of Thailand's spiritual essence, nestled within the palace grounds. After immersing yourself in royal splendor, indulge in a serene boat ride along the Chao Phraya River, soaking in panoramic views of the city's skyline and bustling waterways. As you glide through the waters, catch glimpses of local life and charming riverside communities, painting a vivid picture of Bangkok's cultural tapestry. This captivating walking tour promises to ignite your senses and leave you spellbound by the beauty and allure of Thailand's capital.
* Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide for City Tour (3 hours)
* Entrance Fee –
Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha Temple

Bangkok • Buddist Tour

Meet our LGBT Friendly Tour Guide and be ready to visit the Buddhist soul of Bangkok, through the bustling streets of this city, immersing yourself in the serene spirituality that permeates the city. Begin your odyssey at the magnificent Golden Mount, ascending its spiraling staircase adorned with prayer flags, offering panoramic vistas of the city below. Explore the revered Wat Pho, home to the majestic reclining Buddha, a colossal masterpiece cloaked in golden serenity. After delving into the sacred halls and intricate architecture, embark on a thrilling tuk-tuk ride, weaving through narrow alleyways and vibrant markets, adding a dash of excitement to your spiritual sojourn. Along the way, encounter local devotees and monks, their quiet devotion echoing through the bustling streets. This transformative walking tour promises to awaken your spirit and unveil the profound beauty of Bangkok's Buddhist heritage.
* Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide for City Tour (3 hours)
* Entrance Fee – Golden Mount, Wat Pho Temple & Tuk Tuk Ride

Bangkok • Gay Tour & Silom’s Secrets (only Afternoon)

Explore a vibrant 3-hour walking gay tour through the heart of Bangkok, where every corner pulsates with energy and acceptance. Start your journey in the lively Silom's District, known for its eclectic nightlife and inclusive atmosphere, where diversity thrives. Stroll through the lush greenery of Lumphini Park, a tranquil oasis amidst the urban bustle, offering a peaceful respite for reflection and connection. As the sun begins to set, ascend to the Sky Bar at the Lebua State Tower, where panoramic views of the city skyline serve as a backdrop for mingling and savoring refreshing cocktails. Embrace the vibrant LGBTQ+ culture woven into the fabric of Bangkok, as you bond with fellow travelers and locals alike, creating unforgettable memories in this welcoming city.
* Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide for City Tour (3 hours)
* Drink in a Sky Bar

Bangkok • Foody Tour by Night (not on Mondays)

Be ready for a delicious Foody Tour in Bangkok to discover all secrets of Thai Food. Join us on an exhilarating 2-hour walking Foody Tour by Night in Bangkok, where the flavors of Thailand come alive under the stars. Depending on the season and the day of the week, you'll taste an array of unknown fruits and street food that will astound your palate. In the hot season, indulge in the best sticky rice with mango at one of Bangkok's top restaurants, a dish beloved by all visitors to Thailand. Traverse through local markets renowned for their mouthwatering Thai and Chinese delicacies, where families have perfected their recipes for generations. Experience firsthand the passion for exquisite dishes shared amongst Bangkok locals, who travel for hours just to savor these culinary delights with loved ones. Thai Food Tastings will tantalize your taste buds with six types of authentic Thai cuisine, showcasing the essence of Thai gastronomy. As you immerse yourself in this culinary adventure, you'll discover that for Thai people, delicious food is the true essence of life, meant to be savored and shared with joy.
* Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide for Night Tour (2h)

* Thai Food Tastings (6 types)                                                                         


Get ready for a special full day Gaily Excursion from Bangkok Gay with us !

Floating Market (from Bangkok)
Ayutthaya (from Bangkok)

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  • Every Entrance Fee or Tasting described in the program

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  • Tips, City Taxes and everything not listed under “Included features”

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Bangkok • Cultural Tour
Bangkok • Buddist Tour
Bangkok • Gay Tour & Silom’s Secrets (only Afternoon)
Bangkok • Foody Tour by Night (not on Mondays)

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